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180g BLOOD-RED VINYL LP | Heavy-weight 'Tip-on' Jacket W/ OBI | Goatowarex

Echoing down blood stained marble chambers comes the dungeon synth sounds of Satanic Ritual Glorification, whose heretical blasphemies have been emitted since the age of 2021 from the darkest corners of the USA.

Revelling in an occult church organ sound from the lowest depths of hell, Satanic Ritual Glorification have unchained a small missive of spells, ones only hinting at the grooving gloom wrought in charnel smoke, but now with their debut full-length incantation, Capra Cathedrali, these secrets can no longer be withheld.

Possessed by vintage synth psychedelia, grindhouse movie samples, grandiose organ revelations, perdition euphoria expression and a truly dedicated satanic thematic that has endured since the 60’s, Satanic Ritual Glorification have penned an incantation that revels in the black magic madness of 20th century panic putrid.

After several successful releases on Hidden Hands Records, GoatowaRex is proudly to release this piece of original magic metal on blood red LP

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