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AKVAN (IRN) Forgotten Glory [2x-LP]

[ GoatowaRex ]
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180G DOUBLE LP BLACK VINYL | Ultra-Heavy-Weight Tip-on Gatefold Jacket w/ Obi & 16-page Full-size Art-book | True Persian Black Metal | Only Full-length Album to date-orig. released independently in 2017 | This edition features the track ‘Silence ov Butterflies’ in it’s 11mins full form, & the unreleased track 'Zahhak's Reign'.


[Description by Neheroth] In shimmering scalemail given reflection of light by the great creator, Ahuramazda, Lord of the One Hundred and One Names, with javelins drawn high into the heavens, as war chariots charge downward into the many enemies of the Achaemenid Empire, leads the mighty war herald known as Akvan, whose princely power brings glory to the truth of Asha, and misery to the deceptions of Druj. Born ov fire in the age of 2015, Akvan has spent almost a decade now rallying his Iranian brothers and sisters to the battlefield, unchaining black Persian folk metal incantations that both revel in the glories of the past and illuminate the challenges of the present. A whirling sandstorm of defiant truth, whose razor winds tear asunder the lies of the tyrant, Forgotten Glory is the purifying declaration of the blazing brazier. Combining the furious black metal mysticism with the romance of Persian folk sorceries, Akvan commands a poet warrior path all of its own creation, whose use of transitional Persian instruments Tar and Setar, brings the compositions concocted into realms of cleansing flame. Blistering desert tremolo, war march percussion, ethereal choral chants, dry heat production, slashing vocal rasps, and a truly engrossing thematic evocation of Iranian national history, being Forgotten Glory into the annals of immortal sound sorcery.

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