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CUT (CHN) Vanquish the Weak [LP]

[ GoatowaRex ]
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180g Vinyl LP | Heavy-weight Tip-on Jacket w/OBI & 12" insert | GOATOWAREX / NWN co-release

Snapping at the whimpering flesh of the feeble by three headed hunger of totalitarian hellfire destruction, all instincts bestial in brutality and poisnous of shadow; ripping, tearing, gnashing and penetrating, carves forth that dominant predator of total black death desolation known only as Cut. Hailing from the emerald sun stained shores of ancient China this brute force entity of morning star malevolence has given its enemies no time for retaliation, unleashing its debut full-length incantation, Vanquish the Weak, in fast fear of fission fueled missile spears forever aimed at the heart of the holy.

From the very first strike of slaughter skin, Vanquish the Weak holds strong to its namesake, bringing forth a perpetual salvo of unyielding holocaust dissonance, an eternity of raging black death artillery barrage. Emitting a war machine of miserable mechanical atmosphere, this cerberus of hulking horror contrasts its sweltering solar mass of terrifying tempo with infectious lambast of devilish death doom and cosmic black noise generation, never once giving its foes the chance to predict its next strike. Gruelling guttural vocal oration mandate, downtuned tremolo war axe tactics, dedicated orthodox devil altar worship, blast beat machine gun percussion, and grusome death guitar melody grim; Cut flay all unnecessary flesh from their unrelenting battle sorcery of bestial black death, ensuring the perfect call to war for those seeking the rush of bloodlust brutality and victim prisoner soul rape. Aeonic devastation for the contemporary terror cult commando.

Description text by @neheroth

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