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FURZE (NO) Baphomet Wade [LP]

[ Fresh Tea ]
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2015 FURZE Album on black vinyl from Fresh Tea Label & Apocalyptic Empire Records.

""Furze is one of the most weird, wayward and unique black metal bands around and each album is another surprise. ‘Baphomet Wade’ is another jewel of bizarre riffing. Woe J. Reaper returns to his roots a bit on this album, there are a lot less doomy passages than on his previous two albums. Strings are touched in an unparalleled way here, and one strange riff after another is strung together here. The drums sound primitive, the guitar sound is uglier than a seventy year old crack whore and the song structures are unorthodox. Add to that weird, minimal bass lines and possessed vocals and you will have no idea of how this sounds if you are unfamiliar with Furze. Anything Woe J. Reaper has done is a mandatory purchase for any self- respecting black metal fan and ‘Baphomet Wade’ is no exception to that rule. (Lords Of Metal)""

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