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GLOOMY REFLECTIONS (AUS) A New Dawn of Primeval Wisdom [LP]

[ Goatowarex ]
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180G BLACK VINYL LP | Heavy-weight 'Tip-on' style Jacket w/ Red Hot Foil, OBI & Insert | GOATOWAREX

"I must add this is one of the most epic 'synth' record I have heard in very long time:

Gordo Blackers (Quest Master/Steroid) @lordgordith and Will Spectre (Tarot/The Wizar’d/Crypt Vapor) @heavychainsrecords join forces to create music for haunted forests, iron forges and forgotten sorcery.

Epic electronic fantasy music, 4 songs from the original winter 2021 session, as well as two brand new tracks made exclusively for this vinyl release showing a bit different approach.

Heavy 12" black LP in old school tip-on jacket with very nicely done red foil stamps."

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