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ILD (NO) Fandens Lykteskjær [MC] -2nd edition-

[ Screaming Skull ]
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Fandens Lykteskjær 2nd print green shell cassettes by Screaming Skull Records

Hand-numbered out of 50 copies worldwide / 6 panel J-Card, LIMIT 1 PER HUMAN

Debut Full Album from Norwegian Black Metal entity .: ILD :. , otherwise known as Ildebrann, brings forth a timeless fire burning in the immortal spirit of the woods, burning beneath the Winter ice, & burning above the grain fortified with sacrifice. Set apart from any black craft coming from the region, or general current, ILD produces a steadily encumbering fire, merging the ritualistic with the diminutive nature of the self in the domain of the Devil on Earth. In short order following the debut E.P. 'Knippe', ILD returns with 'Fandens Lykteskjær', the first full-length release to his name, eclipsing the already high expectations. Stylistically growing on the same ritualistic method & artifacts, ever burning & seamlessly enthralling one into dark & distant entrancement.

* Exclusive US Distribution / available only for North & South America *

[ Screaming Skull ]

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