ILD (NO) Knippe [MC]

[ Screaming Skull ]
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*Exclusive US distribution, available only for North & South Americas*

2nd print, available for the first time in the US

Cassette production: Black Shell / 6-panel JCard by SCREAMING SKULL Records

Hand Numbered out of 50 copies Worldwide // LIMIT 1 PER HUMAN

Debut E.P. Knippe from Norwegian Black Metal entity ILD otherwise known as ILDEBRANN. ILD brings forth a timeless fire burning in the immortal spirit of the woods, burning beneath the Winter ice, & burning above the grain fortified with sacrifice. Set apart from any black craft coming from the region, or general current, ILD's Knippe is a steadily encumbering smoldering fire, merging the ritualistic with the diminutive nature of the self in the domain of the Devil on Earth.

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