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KOMMODUS (AUS) - Wreath of Bleeding Snowfall [MC]

[ Goatowarex ]
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CASSETTE | Black Shell | Matte-finish JCard | Second Full-album | Goatowarex

"Wreath Of Bleeding Snowfall is a full moon winter saga. Narrative fantasies of bloodied battles, legendary dreamscapes, ferocious beasts, violence, redemption, and survival, shaped into eight tracks which both condense and elaborate on the style honed over the prior nine releases. Thematically, the record explores death and rebirth. The wolf (that which is ferocious and untamed within us) tested and killed in the blistering cold, in order for something stronger, more meditative, spiritually attuned, and wiser to rise. An aspirational release of re-carving, re-honing, and reforging. This album is dedicated to all those who have fought their battles, discovered their inner-strength, and turned their pain into something glorious."

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