MAUVET MAUVE - 'Panor I Flera Delar' [MC]

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41x- Black shells (silver ink) with purple-translucent-back cases

100x- Lavender Shells (silver ink) with pink translucent cases

True to the öriginal release self handled by Brugmanziah (Wulkanaz / Tomhet / Dughpa / Wagner Ödegård / Semilanceata / Laetun / Karnilapakte & others) which subsequently sold out before many avid followers were even aware of the project..

'Panor I Flera Delar' presents a new eerie direction invoking advent of analog synth 70s era tonal & rhythmic invitations into murky wells of forbidden waters and new vision. Creeping from dilapidated alleyways left to abandon, unsettling comfort from unknown footsteps guiding to a subterranean door, where through the cracks in the old jambs beams a silhouette of Mauve Light.
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