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NÍÐSTÖNG (IS) The Essence of Eternity [LP - 200g]

[ GoatowaRex ]
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200g Swamp-Green Vinyl LP | Gatefold Heavy-weight Tip-on Jacket w/OBI | GOATOWAREX

Encased within the folkloric frost of the mythic ages breaks forth that which is known as Níðstöng, with its emaciated raw black metal spells of ambient triumph and gnashing eternity, tearing the glaciers of the black oceans asunder. Born in the age of 2020, Níðstöng is true Icelandic black necro metal phantom proud of its heritage taken root in the likes of Ildjarn, Sort Vokter and Nidhogg. Unchaining Níðstöng’s debut full-length incantation, The Essence of Eternity, is unchaining their most potent of frostworks to date.

The Essence of Eternity is a true foray into the icy hearts of the ancient, utilising a direct blast beat led raw black metal with pumping bass sounds and unrelenting tremolo guitar rhythmics, peppering this framework with elements of ambience and folkloric inspiration. Staining the frost crimson with blood, Níðstöng waste no time with unnecessary additions to the tried and true Ildjarn formula, undertaking an highly improvised and primitive instrumentation to further homage to the ancients and elevate The Essence of Eternity into the windswept mountain peaks of volcanic ire.

Futhermore, this album is wrapped head to toe by splendid paintings of Norwegian artist N.o.B, who was renowned mostly for his contribution to Ildjarn’s vinyl releases in early 00’s, which dawned profound impact on generation of people who got into Ildjarn and his trade mark black necro metal at that time. Available on Japanese style tip-on heavy gatefold jacket with 200g swampy green LP.

Description text by @neheroth

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