PRAEFURO (NO) / XIRGAN (US) / TILL (US) - Desecration of the Celestial Plane [LP - L.C.]

[ Screaming Skull Records ]
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3 WAY SPLIT between 3 ascendant names in current black metal. Each project in their own rite, are solitary visions, cohesively coalescing for a fluidly dynamic assaulting black metal split. Any black art acolyte familiar with PRAEFURO / XIRGAN / TILL will instantly recognize the distinction of each as they have now firmly staked the grounds of defilement kept for their respectively signature incanting anti-celestial dirges of denouncement & arcane clerical sacrifice.

As members of an eventual Trans-Continental collaboration DARKEST BETHLEHEM. Peregrinus , Palisade , & Roanoke present a pernicious insight into what is to come from the burgeoning banner raised by these rapidly prolific artists, laying absolute siege with DESECRATION OF THE CELESTIAL PLANE.

Production of this LP split was made in alliance of the Bands & Norway's SCREAMING SKULL RECORDS; Hand-wrought & precision cut one by one by LATHE TO THE GRAVE (UK), and are strictly limited to 45 copies.

Exclusive N.A. & U.S.A. distribution through Vermignosis.

Limit 1 per Human.

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