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BRUME D'AUTOMNE (CAN) Brume D'Automne [LP]

[ His Wounds ]
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180G VINYL LP | 350gsm Reverse printed Cover w/ Matte finish Black Flood and 30cm insert (200g stock) | His Wounds

Founded in 2003 by Athros (Forteresse/Ur Falc’h) and Nordet (Ur Falc’h), Brume d’Automne are considered as one of the forerunners of the “Métal Noir Québécois” movement. Blending raw Black Metal with Québec’s traditional/folkloric music Brume d’Automne opened up Québec’s Black Metal scene and helped shaped it as it stands today. Originally released on cd in 2012 Brume d'Automne's self titled album will finally be available on vinyl with for the first time and specifically mastered for the format.

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