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DUNE MEAR (US) Crucifix Wound [LP]

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12" VINYL LP | with Insert & Matte-finish covers | Printed in U.S.A.

First full-album for this Washington State Raw Black Metal band DUNE MEAR, emerged from the void in 2021 with the demo Cascading Waves of Infinite Melancholy and led solely by ABSYST. Crucufix Wound sees the enlistment of local cohort SC of Ebony Pendant as a session drummer for the release as well as art contribution by Cryptic Throne Designs and Script by Vermignosis featured on the LP.

“The crucifix wound is the scar left on our rotting flesh by the putrid being cowards call their god... it is the hole in the hands of the Nazareth scum... and we come roaring down like a storm to destroy religion with hate-charged lighting and satanic thunder.”

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