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INVICTUS INFERNAL (US) Invictus Infernal [MC]

[ GoatowaRex]
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Triumphant in power of death, desolation and the Golgothan crucifixions set ablaze each night to glow banner of old CONQUEROR and BLACK WITCHERY upon the weak and weary, rises horned helm of Invictus Infernal, a North American quartet of old school WAR METAL. Formed in oath of hellfire shadow in the age of 2023, Invictus Infernal have wasted little time in raping the mortal realm by spectral penetration of its sonic slaughter sadism, unchaining its debut self-titled incantation with the shining glee of the flesh rending daemon.
Punishing by wretched talon of the unlight, Invictus Infernal have created the audial equivalent of a scorching plague storm, fumes of furious fire creeping through skin and skull—weeping great droves of misery from those to feeble to withstand its dissonant force and empowering those who only hunger for further desecration. Scorning the false light of the crucified betrayer, this debut incantation is ablaze with skull banging riffs, unrelenting percussive devastation, vocal squall hatred, rapidfire spell length, bass heavy production, orthodox bestial thematic and a sincere sense of carnal abbadon that is necessary for such war entities of brutal intent. A must for all bestial black acolytes of total war and no prisoners attitude, Invictus Infernal bring the inferno tenfold to tomb cults, incinerating all that stand within the path of its bloody orgy barbarity. Available on professional duplicated cassette limited to 100 copies.

Promo text by @neheroth

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