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KONGERIKE (US) Collection [MC]

[ Moonworshipper ]
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Kongerike has served the bulk of its existence as a deferred side project, with most of the recorded material either shelved or discarded. Spanning over a decade of experimentation, this collection features collaborations with a variety of musicians as well as solo material. While much of the archive has been omitted, the tracks comprised here are intended to represent the ponderous saga of this exploratory and discordant endeavor.

- Tracks 1-8 are taken from rehearsal 2014
- Track 9 is an unreleased track recorded in 2015, additional recording was done in 2022
- Tracks 10-11 are taken from rehearsal 2017
- Tracks 12-15 are taken from the Kongerike / Holy Portrait split, recorded in 2008 and 2016
- Tracks 16-17 are unreleased tracks recorded in 2011
- Track 18 is an unreleased track partially recorded in 2018, additional recording was done in 2021
- Tracks 19-22 are taken from rehearsal 2012
- Track 23 is an unreleased track recorded in 2013
- Track 24 is an unreleased track recorded in 2011

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