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PA VESH EN (BLR) Sesyi Rytualistyčnyia [LP-Grey]

[ Black Gangrene ]
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180G GREY VINYL LP | Reverse Printed Jacket with Insert & Download card | Black Gangrene Productions 2024

"In the forsaken depths of the Underground, Pa Vesh En commands attention, its music resonating through the very core of the abyss—a formidable embodiment of raw Black Metal. With a sound as unyielding as its will and an image as sharp as its essence, Pa Vesh En traverses these shadows, imposing its influence with unwavering determination. This album unleashes a relentless onslaught of primal fury and intense melody, enveloped within a murky production that amplifies the visceral experience creating an immersive sonic landscape fraught with tension and soul-stirring fervor."

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