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PYRKAGION (US) The Katechon and the Unending Fire [MC]

[ Cestrum Nocturnum Recordings ]
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Cassette | Debut Release from this new Black Metal Band from Washington State (US), orchestrated by the venerated cast of Ω (Guitar, Bass, Synth, Vocals) , Δ (Guitar, Synth), & β (Drums, Vocals)

'The Katechon and the Unending Fire' is a bold take on Orthodox(unorthodox) Black Metal, at time reminiscent of notable Icelandic & Nidrosian acts of the recent decade, whilst standing intensely on its own as a truly tonic offering, drawing arcane contemplations of eschatological eminence, and shattering regional standards of extreme black art in the Pacific Northwest.

Highly Recommended.

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