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SNAKEBITE KISS (USA) Speed is the Law [MC]

[ GoatowaRex ]
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Rising from the Washington USA urban sprawl Snakebite Kiss are a four-piece of speed d-beat punk metal filth features, member from projects like Ebony Pendant, Dune Mear among others, their motor machines are set to smear mortal flesh upon the pavement and smash mortal skulls with barbed wire fists.

Born in the age of 2022, Snake Kiss let loose the damned dogs of hell with their debut incantation, Speed is the Law, and hammer hearts black and bleeding with their live performance of the five spells that accumulate this street metal punk blaze of skull crushing speed. Snarling vocals howls, rocking guitar riffs, pulsating d-beat percussion, driving audible bass, and an unrelenting attitude of speed slaughter chaos warfare—Snake Kiss drive their nightblades into the gut of decency and spill internal organs alongside the highway. Those seeking a quick fire assault of old school d-beat metal punk madness should let Snake Kiss sink their fangs into their audial networks and set them ablaze, allowing the children of technology to rise up from the apocalyptic ruins and discharge their motor skulls by the light of the midnight moon venom.

Available on professional duplicated red shell cassette with crystal clear sound, tape comes with Japanese OBI.

Description text by @neheroth

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