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TILL (US) Monument to Man's Frailty [LP]

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12" VINYL LP | with Insert with Matte-finish covers | Printed in U.S.A.

Third album by Oklahoma based Raw Black Metal Band TILL, helmed by Roanoke (Darkest Bethlehem, Death Be with Thee, Geist of Ouachita Nocturnal Tyrant, Northern Solitude, Winterspells...) with the return of cohorts Palisade and Croatoan and guest features by SC of Ebony Pendant and Peregrinus (Darkest Bethlehem, Hjemsøkt, Kvad, Solus Grief, Unholy Craft...) A hatefully harmonious thicket of viseral pounding progressions, raw and aggressive melodies reflected by cold and grievous descents, soaked in synths triumphant and melancholic and led under the auspice of the fervent withered howls in the endless face of battle.

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