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VAMPYRIC WINTER (Int) - My Last Vampyric Winter Among These Ruins [MC]

Pile of Heads / Noose of Epicrates
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Limited edition of 100 | Pro red cassette in classic Norelco Case w/ 6panel 2sided JCard | Housed in 6ml poly-bag w/ Mini poster

2nd Full-length Album | Members: Manel Woodcutter ( Amargor, Herald ov Wizborg, Nocturnal Tyrant...), Sanguinous Moth (ARNA, Nightgaunt, Nocturnal Tyrant, Northern Solitude ...) , Grief Kommando (Ainul Iblis , Sulphuric Night , Shadow Dungeon...)

Released by Pile of Heads Productions In association with The Noose Of Epicrates

A1. My Last Vampyric Winter Among These Ruins 04:52
A2. A Gift Of True Suffering (The Death Is Complete) 06:32
A3. When Light Is Diminished 05:07
B1. Supreme Art Of Blackness 04:52
B2. Projections Of Infinite Darkness 05:22
B3. The Rise Of Our Sulphurous Empire 04:40
B4. Lingering Claws (Outro) 02:06

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