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WULVYR (UK) Moon.Malice.Heresy [LP]

[ GoatowaRex ]
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In mystic mourn gleam of the full moon mania, configurations of flesh in frenzy between that of man and that of wolf, gesticulates the arcane sigils and signs of the entity whispered only by the arch herald of Wulvyr. Born in the age 2021, Wulvyr is the experimental Albionic black metal sonic oracle of the wild hermit known as Waste Walker, who since his awakening has ensorcelled a small collection of works, namely MMXXI and Folkgnosis, both of which are steeped in pagan mysticism and a crusade against the modernity of a mortal world turning in on itself. And this time, teamed with GoatowaRex, Wulvyr is about to unchain his debut full-length album, Moon.Malice.Heresy a truly sinister expression of avant-garde black metal, which is equal parts brutal, crushing, harrowing and devastating, as it is infectious, thoughtful, melancholic and experimental in nature, the crowning glory of all that Waste Walker has worked towards these past ages and beyond.

Available on classic black vinyl with very small number of special edition with full scale foil stamp cover.

Promo text by @neheroth

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